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This performance is a unique mix of deep teachings, music, and spiritual/ meditative work. The music is both original and classic Chassidic nigun fused with wide open improvisational jazz, a playful vibe and dancing.

The audience is slowly and sensitively brought into processes through which they access their spiritual depths, inner joy and realizations about their lives. They come away with enlightened teachings, deepened self understanding and inspiration to connect to their Jewishness more deeply.

   Niggunei Ha'eitz


Torah, Music, Meditation

An Inside Look

A Creative Presence

The program begins with soft and inviting words describing what attendees can expect. From the outset they'll understand that they're in for a special process from which they'll emerge transformed. Rav Daniel has a soft and beaming face, intellectual precision and an open and inspired heart and gains the audience's faith in him quickly. From there progress moves through meditative focus, elevating music, fun and surprising riffs and then clearly guided processes which open people's minds and hearts to new visions of themselves in the world.

Accompanied by virtuosi musicians, the evening is filled with brilliant moments of open jazz, niggun and Jewish musical fervor. In the end, Rav Daniel brings people back into a concluding section incorporating and integrating all that has happened. Finally, the band gets everyone on their feet dancing and singing, leaving everyone uplifted and excited.

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