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A Shabbaton in Attessi, Mexico

20-23 Adar 5758 (February 29-March 3)

Come discover the path to true joy in a special Adar Shabbaton in beautiful Atessi. Rav Daniel will guide you through the six steps which elicit joy and love in Avodat Hashem as taught by the great masters. 

In a carefully constructed program, we will travel the path from self knowledge and personal mission through heightened gratitude into enlightened vision and up to divine contact. You will be left with both a taste of the joy of Hashem's service and practical tools for your continued growth.

Beginning Thursday afternoon we'll be spending time immersed in music, meditation, prayer, writing and deep, guided conversation.

Rav Daniel will be joined by his virtuoso pianist David Adda, who is expert in creating the musical tones designed to deepen our meditative experience. 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to brighten and enlighten your life with a truly great teacher!

Tempt yourself even more by checking out the Atessi website at 

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